Dance for Grounding and Creativity


Creativity and sensual power can be unlocked through free movement and dance, enlivening the body and opening energetic channels on all levels. Moving freely embodies the element of water, ever flowing, never stagnant. To grow stagnant is to become blocked. Your creative power and inner wisdom require an open, clear channel in order to flow. Spending time near bodies of water will remind you of life’s changing quality. Nothing stays the same for long. Part of our lesson is learning to flow rather than fighting the current, which depletes our power and effectiveness.

I invite you to embody the flowing, receptive element of water by tuning into your body, allowing it to move naturally in a way that feels sensual and juicy. Turn on your favorite music, jam out or go see some live music. Listen to the beat, allowing it to wash over you, feeling the physical sensations in your body. Turn off the ego-mind that seeks to judge and compare, simply allowing it to take a backseat to the moment. Settling into the heart and body, dancing will activate your root and sacral chakras, grounding you and unlocking your inner creative power.


Move in whatever ways feel natural for you! I love to swim, hike, practice yoga, or hula-hoop! Notice if parts of your body feel heavy or blocked, inviting energy to that area through gentle movement. Ecstatic dance and free movement are an amazing tools for awakening goddesses who are coming into their power and leaving behind cultural paradigms that have restricted the expression of our sensuality and Divine feminine power. Dancing moves stagnant energy by increasing circulation and oxygenating the entire body. Leave behind any self-consciousness or judgement as you honor your beautiful curves. Your body is a temple and a vessel of the Divine. Treat it was the love and care it desires, simply tune in!

Aloha and blessings from Kauai ~

Reiki Offering


While on the magical island of Maui, I took a Reiki II course which further opened my capacity to heal myself and others. It is an initiation which signifies commitment to my unfolding journey and desire to assist others in opening up to their own healing capacity. When I received the energetic codes that open one to Reiki II, I felt an emotional release within my physical heart, later moving into the center of the chest, the heart chakra, to be integrated. It was a beautiful experience to let go of the stagnant energy I was holding on to, opening to greater and greater levels of light.

With my certification, I am now able to send Reiki at a distance. As a humble channel, I am the conduit for this intelligent, harmonizing life-force energy. Everybody experiences it differently. I experience Reiki as a soft, warm, serene feeling that is like being enveloped in a comforting embrace. It is peaceful, flowing wherever it is most needed, working on the subtle layers of the energetic body, as well as the mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

I invite you to experience the harmonization and activation that Reiki has to offer. By filling out the form below, you will receive a free distance Reiki healing session if you book by October 31, 2014. You can also set an intention for healing. It may be a relationship or a situation in any area of your life.

Sending you lots of love and aloha from Hawaii.

Hawai’i Muse


The ocean is my essence, flowing in, through, and around me. My tears are drops in the salty ocean. My body is one with the currents and ripples of the sea and the bubbly crashing waves. A deep inner call exists, to merge back with all that is, to share the experience of duality and separation. Fully integrating the depths of this experience, knowing that I agreed to partake in this human life, this game, this gift. The journey from separation back to the wholeness of Oneness. Connecting with all of nature, my true essence, that I can never be truly separate from. In my heart I feel the peace and calm of the ever flowing waters. Ripples, tides, and waves, caressing the shores and every inch of this earth. I am not separate from it. I never was.

I came to Hawaii to heal. Part of my journey includes believing that the 3D illusion is real, when in fact it is a hologram, a beautiful journey to realize my true essence within. That inner connection to Source, nature, all that is, can never be severed.

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is a time of fresh beginnings, and this upcoming cycle is heightened by the power planet Pluto turning direct. Pluto is all about intensity, pushing past our own boundaries to see what we’re really made of. This New Moon in harmonious Libra will have an undertone of depth and delving into the shadow. How far have we come on this journey? We are about to receive the bounty of all the spiritual work we’ve done so far, harvesting the fruits of our labor. The New Moon welcomes the autumnal equinox for the lovely readers in the Northern hemisphere.


This is the season of change, harvest, abundance, and planting new seeds for the future as we prepare for the creative introspection of winter. Feel the subtle hint of change in the air. Something big is on the horizon. This is a prelude to the volatile, intense Eclipse season of next month. In October, there will be a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries and a New Moon Eclipse at 0 degrees of Scorpio, which will be super potent. The major themes for this Eclipse season will be transformation, regeneration and relationships coming into clear focus.

I will write more about these lunar eclipses in subsequent articles. For now, just know that changes are on the way for the better. Any situations in which you’ve felt stuck will soon be cleared out to make way for the new. The more you align with change and new opportunities, the better able you will be to flow with the tides of the time. We have the cosmic energies supporting our greatest dreams in order to bring them to manifestation. There is a window of opportunity here that will carry over into October. Now is the time to align with this transformative energy by tuning into your intuition, clearing your energy field of old storylines based on fear, and aligning with your most audacious, beautifully awesome timeline! The choice is always yours.



Shadow Integration

When we open to the possibility that there is a greater force behind existence, a Universal law, we can begin the process of attuning to Divine will. For me, this opportunity to open to a greater perspective arose when I was sick and tired of feeling disconnected from my purpose. I no longer wanted to feel alone, confused, and unworthy. I knew there had to be a better way. And so began this beautiful journey, the path of the spiritual warrior.

What came up for me yesterday during meditation was an intense emotional clearing and shadow integration. Past memories of sadness and inferiority flooded my mind, times when I didn’t feel good enough, when I compared myself to others, and all of the ways I looked outside of myself for validation, security and happiness. Open and willing to see a loving perspective, I was finally prepared to take full responsibility for all of the ways I perpetuated these fearful thoughts. I took a clear look at my patterns, such as ignoring the gentle call of my intuition, instead turning to food and shopping to numb and distract myself from my feelings. Engulfed in these fearful programs, I unconsciously cut myself off from my Divine truth. In this way, I effectively denied my sensitivity, empathy, and intuition as the beautiful gifts that they truly are. 

During this process of healing and integration, I recognized how I invested my life force into these lies and belief systems based on fear and pain. By inviting an empowered, loving perspective into this situation, I realized that these programs stemmed from a feeling of unworthiness and disconnection from love, our true essence. Forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion allowed me to integrate these unhealed aspects of myself by bringing them into the light. From there, I choose a to shift to a higher vibration by surrendering these fears and letting them go at last. Now I feel lighter, more free, and able to move forward with a sense of clarity and grace.

We all have the power to heal ourselves if we open our hearts to love. Many of us are going through our own emotional clearings. Whatever is being repressed will only grow stronger until you finally face your fears and bring the light of awareness to them. Things are coming to the surface in order to be healed. My suggestion for you, spiritual warrior, is to open up to receiving healing and guidance. Extend forgiveness, compassion, and loving-kindness to yourself, always. If something is weighing heavy on you, turn toward it instead of turning away. Invite all unhealed aspects of yourself to be lovingly integrated. The heaviness of fear and pain can be surrendered, healed, and transmuted into pure Source, leaving only the loving lessons behind.

Full Moon in Pisces ~

This Monday, September 8th marks the Full Moon in Pisces, the sign of creativity, compassion, and Oneness. It is a time of completion as an issue resolves or a situation comes full circle. This sensitive, psychic sign is connected with Neptune, the planet ruling the oceans, the subconscious, and our dreams. With this beautiful mystical energy, we are invited to delve deep into ourselves and honor our sensitivity and intuition. The Universe is truly communicating with us at all times, especially through symbols, archetypes, and metaphors, so this is a wonderful time to bring more awareness to your dreams and synchronistic events throughout the day. Be open to receiving messages from your Soul. This is a potent time to get in touch with your deepest dreams and desires, as well as any emotional or psychic blocks you have created that prevent you from receiving.

This Full Moon in Pisces will support you in connecting with your imagination and deepening your spiritual practice. Take time to tune into your heart during meditation, and use your intuition to clear your energetic field of any debris or toxic patterns that are blocking you from being a vibrational match to that which you want to experience. This is also a time to lovingly assert your personal boundaries, as well as detoxing from harmful substances or patterns so that we may be clear channels for our divine wisdom to flow. In this way, you will strengthen your connection to your intuition.

“Channel this creativity from Source through writing, singing, playing, creating and being. Remembering, that ultimately Source is guiding your way, and the more you surrender to this flow of unconditional Love, the more you will enjoy your human experience as a spiritual being. Allow yourself to be human my Dear Ones. Your sensitivity, vulnerabilities and feelings are your true gifts. Cultivate and nurture them with compassion. Allow yourself to go beyond the ego-mind-prison and you will discover a true magical world right in the here and now, on Planet Earth.”

- Gaia Earth Star

Awaken your Cosmic Heart

The spiritual journey is truly the path of the warrior. We are asked to go deep and face the darkness, while remaining connected to our heart-centered truth and awareness of the light within. At this time, all is in Divine order and all is unfolding magnificently. Everything is here for you to learn, grounded into the reality of third dimensional Earth as we continue the harmonization process. We are awakening to our multidimensional selves, realizing that there is not only one “true” reality. We consciously tune in to whatever we want to experience. As free-will, creative, powerful beings, the opportunities are infinite. Believe, know, and trust in your heart that all is Love and ultimately, Oneness.

As we awaken to our cosmic heart, there is much healing, integration, and harmonization that needs to be done. This means becoming aware of the thought patterns and self-sabotaging programs that are no longer in alignment with our highest good. As you shine the light of awareness on any limiting beliefs or unconscious habits, tune into your heart, your Soul, and ask for guidance to release these once and for all. With your focus and pure intention, all can be healed in an instant.

Energy Healing Meditation to Awaken and Harmonize your Cosmic Heart

The first step in healing is to acknowledge the pattern that is holding you back. This guided meditation will assist you in releasing accumulated fear and limiting beliefs.

Find a peaceful place where you will be undisturbed. Create or prepare your sacred space in whatever way you feel guided. I like to have my meditation cushion with a rug, a salt lamp, candles, and crystals nearby. Have the space be a comfortable temperature and lighting. You may choose to clear your sacred space with a sage smudge, Reiki, or your intention.

Once the space has been prepared, sit comfortably with your spine in alignment, shoulders and neck relaxed.  Call in your Soul and multidimensional aspects, including your guides and angels, to assist this process of self-healing, integration, and harmonization. Begin by bringing your awareness to the breath, noticing the subtlety of each inhale and exhale. Gradually, begin to slow and deepen the breath, fully filling and emptying the lungs. Continue this deep breathing as you gently let go of attachment to any thoughts, simply watching them like clouds floating across the clear blue sky.

From this place of peaceful awareness, extend a feeling of unconditional love and acceptance toward yourself. You may imagine a glowing bubble of healing white light, a misty cloud filled with rainbows, a waterfall, or a soft pink glow that only allows love to enter, transmuting any negativity into Source, pure love. Dwell in the loving, gracious space of your heart while keeping your breathing long and deep, cleansing your entire body and energy field. Imagine this light or flowing water bringing your entire being into balance.

After you’ve cleared and cleansed your aura, invoke the feeling of gratitude in your heart. Notice all of the things you have to be grateful for. Each breath is a gift. Connect to the heart of Mother Earth and feel her loving, nurturing energy. Next, invoke the feeling of unconditional acceptance. Let go of any self-judgement or feelings of fear, inferiority, or not being good enough. Extend forgiveness to yourself and to all others who may have wronged you in the past. Allow your healing energy to transmute these feelings into love and acceptance for what is.

Recognize any mistakes that have been made overall, and affirm, “I take responsibility for my part. I request that Source come heal, harmonize, transmute, and ascend the entire situation in all directions, and along all timelines. I invite the full harmonic upgrades available to me at this time as I align with my Soul’s highest purpose and my heart’s deepest desire.” Feel free to use any words that naturally come to you, as the true focus is the intention behind them.

Continue conscious breathing as you dwell in this serene space of healing that is available to you at any time. Thank yourself and your guides for their assistance. Remind yourself to call upon your divine support system whenever you feel confused or detour into a fearful mindset.

Many Blessings to you on your journey. I invite you to reach out for an astrology or intuitive reading whenever you need more guidance and clarity.

Sacred Travel

There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than shaking up your routine and heading off on an adventure to a new place with a sense of awe, wonder, and child-like joy. When you travel to a far-out destination, you have the opportunity to leave behind your expectations and enter the harmonious state of flow. Everything is imbued with a magical, curious, mysterious feeling. Anything could happen as you leave behind the familiar in favor of the new and bold.


Sacred travel presents an opportunity to take a risk, try new things, and allow your comfort zone to expand. This is where mind and paradigm expansion happens. There is full trust in the Universal flow of abundance and joy, that whatever you need will be presented at the right moment and not a moment before. Perhaps more easily than before, you lose awareness of the passage of time. This is true leisure, when you surrender to the Now.

Beyond language, you realize that smiles are Universal. The language of the heart knows no borders. And so when you come from a place of whole-heartedness, and centered awareness, you flow with whatever comes your way. There is no judgement, no grasping or attachment to outcomes. There is only the Now, and it is neither good nor bad. The ego likes to judge, compare, and separate. Yet the heart truly allows, in the infinite wisdom of Oneness. Sacred travel is to allow what is to be. Sacred travel beckons you to tune in, and move from your cosmic heart.

Picture taken in Costa Rica.

Walking the Magic Path


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Many of us are lovingly embracing our roles as beacons of light and spiritual teachers. With blessings of unconditional love and acceptance, now you can leave behind any thoughts of fear or worry surrounding your soul purpose and mission. Know that you were born to walk this path, to rediscover your connection with Source in your heart. Remember, we are all co-creators and our thoughts are prayers. Therefore, whatever you think about begins to manifest as that is what your life force is focused on. Never doubt your power to create! This is the time to do so consciously, in alignment with the good of All. Remembering we are One.

By walking the magical path of the heart, we become aware of unconscious, self-sabotaging patterns. At any time you can leave these behind, with your pure intention and perhaps even calling upon assistance from your guides, angels, and the ascended masters, like Buddha, Jesus, and Quan Yin. They are teachers of compassion who walked this earth in order to assist others toward the light. You are unconditionally loved and supported as you align with your soul’s highest purpose and your heart’s deepest desire. And so, as you walk your sacred, authentic path, you teach and inspire others.


You are a beautiful light unto others. Shine on.



Mermaid Empathy

     Mermaids are elemental water beings in the astral realm. Rarely, they incarnate as a human woman with a mermaid’s aura of water: nurturing, compassionate, and feminine. There is no separation between them and every molecule of water on Gaia. Mermaids can instantly attune their energy to every ocean, wave, ripple, and raindrop. They have but one purpose, to love. Mermaids are aware of their intimate connection to nature. The myriad waters that caress the entire planet are an innate part of their being and they cannot be separate from it. Mermaids heal others with water energy. Their nature is to love freely and unconditionally.

From William Mistele,

       “A mermaid woman’s astral body, then, is analogous to water in nature. She knows how to let go. She feels pure. She has a primordial innocence. She freely gives of herself. She feels that life involves a continual exchange of energy with others. And her connection to water produces highly developed feelings of peace, happiness, contentment, vivaciousness, empathy, and the desire to heal and benefit others. A human mermaid woman can flow her aura through someone she is near to or cares about. A hard-core mermaid woman can do this with anyone anywhere on earth. The other person does not have to be physically present for her to flow her energy through the other.”

ethereal mermaid salty water gaia goddess

     Mermaids feel the feelings of others and dream their dreams. They can sense another’s presence, their wishes and desires, and also, their greatest potential. Mermaids do not live in linear time, so can sense the past, present and future. Like water, mermaids adapt effortlessly to their environment. People feel comforted and safe in their presence because mermaids understand their true nature, beyond social constructions and ego. Mermaids understand that nothing is outside of them, but all is unified in the love that pervades all existence. She knows she is nature, and radiates wisdom, peace, compassion, and innocence.

     Her empathy surpasses the understanding of humans. She feels that she must conceal her true nature just to survive in society. Mermaids do not have human egos. She unconditionally loves and accepts others, with an intimate understanding of the divine nature of reality. Although mermaids possess empathy that allows them to deeply connect with others at a soul level, they remain detached in relationships. They understand that most people do not access the transformative power of love, but rather, seek to control or possess in matters of the heart. Mermaids remain lovingly unattached to people and experiences, flowing effortlessly and gracefully on her journey.

     During meditation, we can connect to the mermaid realm by coming into a deep state of peace, beyond thought. Call in Archangel Michael to shield you with his angelic light. Mermaids communicate through feeling and scan one’s energetic field to see if it is in vibrational resonance to the water realm. If you feel called to work with the mermaid realm, raise your vibration: your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The angels will assist you whenever you call upon them. As your daily practice, meditate on the waters of Gaia, every ocean, lake, stream, river, waterfall, and dewdrop. Visualize that you can feel every aspect of water. Attune to the mermaid realm through pure intention, affirming that Gaia is restored to her optimal vibrational frequency, including all the waters, plants, animals, and people.

Traits of Mermaid Women by William Mistel.